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Russian Barber School 2 Russian Barber School 2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Needs a more engaging plot

The story is uninteresting to me -- or maybe I just don't get it. I liked the general style of production however. The voices seemed a bit low in volume to me -- maybe recorded through a cheap mike? My initial reaction would be to compress the audio track and bring the level up, but I know nothing about flash animation and how it uses audio. The sync only got off very slightly near the end.

biocarrotproductions responds:

Finally! A Helpfull Review! Well, I'll think about working on the Plot and Story a bit more before i release my next one, oh, and I am planning on getting a New Microphone sometime in August, so thats nearly taken care of.

-Biological Carrot Productions

Recent Audio Reviews

dj_padman - Funkmatic dj_padman - Funkmatic

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Trash Funk! with a sore toe

I'd up the snare a bit. And the bass. Down the clav and sine melody to fit within the rhythm more.

Some of the beats seem kind of stilted, but that's in a good uniquely lumbering kind of way ;) that makes this loop cool. In fact, my favorite part is the sort of dissonant wah'd fake guitar sound on every other 4-and.

In traditional funk they'd put their wallet on the snare to get a real dry thunk sound. Not that you need to do that here (the trashy sound works) but just a cool bit of info. Clavinet is a good funk keyboard sound but it's kind of hard to play it funk style. It's not helping much rhythmically here IMO.

It's nice to see you stretch out. A little funk can go a LONG way! I dig your D&B man.

dj-padman1 responds:

I appreciate the review mate! Sounds like you really know your funk. :)

I'm in massive agreement about the volume of the sine melody, I always make these really stupid mistakes. Ditto for the snare, needs to punch through more.

Thanks for the trivia too, I would try that, but my wallet is so light that it wouldnt make much difference...;P

Thanks again for the review!

Black Lips Black Lips

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Geezer factoid alert - metal plates

Metal sheets are the original "plate" reverb. It's how they did it in the old daze back when studios had real rooms dedicated for reverb and there were no electronic devices to emulate it. Speaker in one end of the room and a mike or two in the other. Not sure how they miked up the sheet metal plates but I assume they had a contact mike on one side and speaker attached to the other end of the plate.

Anyway, nice loop.

mneten responds:

Thanks :P i likes it, but i wish i could ... make songs. or something. the whole melody thing is difficult, without a keyboard or something, though i've been recording some accoustic guitar stuff that i hope to use somehow later ^.^

Worship of the twin goddess Worship of the twin goddess

Rated 4 / 5 stars

sets a nice mood

This is pretty nice! It sounds very slightly oriental to me. The violins work well. If you wanted to expand it a bit you could try embellishing the bass lines a bit. It's the only part I find repetitive. Don't do it if it destroys the mood though. Cool!

Deflektor responds:

No,i like how it is^-^!But thanks for reviewing!